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Statewide Biosecurity is Supported by the Declared Pest Rate

The above photos show some of the Declared Pests for Priority Focus within BBI's Operational Area

Declared Pest control can only be successful in a strategic coordinated approach across the whole of the landscape. Everyone needs to be involved and everyone needs to be resourced and supported.

The Declared Pest Rate (DPR) provides funding support for area-wide anagement of Declared Pests. Recognised Biosecurity Groups' (RBGs) efforts are primarily funded by the Declared Pest Rate specific to their individual operational areas and government matching funds. Under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act) the State raises a Declared Pest Rate (DPR) from landholders in specific areas and matches the funds raised from the rate dollar-for-dollar. The combined funds are made available to Recognised Biosecurity Groups (RBGs) who provide support to landholders to fulfil their obligations to manage widespread and established declared pests on their land. The funding supports RBGs to conduct pest management awareness initiatives and education as well as coordinate and undertake pest management activities across land tenures.

Please click on the following links for more information about the Declared Pest Rate and Recognised Biosecurity Groups:


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