Management Committee 

Blackwood Biosecurity Inc is managed exclusively by a management committee of its members who voluntarily give of their time and expertise, providing a diverse range of knowledge and experience for guidance and support of the group for our operations to address biosecurity issues affecting the environment, industry, agriculture and lifestyle across our region.

BBI Invites Nominations from  Interested Individuals to Join  Our Management Committee

If your passion is around governance and you have time to spare as a volunteer to support our services, perhaps you would be a great fit on a very dedicated committee to be involved in our work in support and collaboration with other community members toward protection of our region from declared pests, both plant and animal.  We welcome your nomination.   

Note: You must be or become a BBI member to be eligible for nomination to the BBI Management Committee. 

To nominate for this committee, please complete and submit our Membership Application Form found at the link below: