Plant Pests


In response to Community request, Blackwood Biosecurity has prioritised five declared weeds for special focus namely: Narrow Leaf Cotton Bush, Paterson’s Curse, Bridal Creeper, Cleavers and Cape Tulip.


Information regarding Blackberry and other Declared Weeds will be ongoing in response to community consultation.


Weed control and eradication requires strategic landscape planning, persistence and timing and usually more than one technique delivered at critical times in the plant’s growth cycle.

We will continue to research better weed control agents and methods and share them with you via this website, our e-newsletter, workshops and demonstrations.


Declared Pest control can only be successful in a strategic co-ordinated approach across the whole of the landscape. Everyone needs to be involved and everyone needs to be resourced and supported.  Our 2020 Draft Operational Plan aims to continue that process.