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Our Vision

As a community we work together to manage declared pests in our region. We share a common goal to protect land, lifestyle, and livelihood for the future. At all times we work with respect, care and professionalism.

Our Focus
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Our Mission

To take a leading role in assisting landholders and managers within Blackwood Biosecurity Inc’s Operational area to meet their responsibilities, under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act (2007), to control Declared Plant and Animal Pests on their land.



Our Values 


Building, developing, fostering and maintaining effective communication, collaboration, and engagement with our stakeholders


To protect the interest of the operational area, be they economic, environmental, or social, while also ensuring actions are performed as humanely as possible and do not impact unintended targets.

Best practice

To be a leader amongst Biosecurity Groups in adopting best practice methodologies including the use of best practice technology and equipment across all aspects of the organisation.

Our Vision

Our Role

To plan, promote, support and engage the community in the management of declared pests within our Operational Area.

To work with collaboratively stakeholders.

While landholders and managers remain responsible for declared pests on their properties, costs to control some pests are beyond the biosecurity budget and capacity of some landholders.

Declared Pest control can only be successful in a strategic coordinated approach across the whole of the landscape. Communities need to be involved and supported.

Secure, ongoing funding is essential to allow landholders access to best practice equipment, expert onsite advice and training, subsidised operational costs including chemicals and consumables.


Your Role

Priority Declared Pests are determined by the community.


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  • Keep us informed of your pest plant and animal concerns, successes and failures.

  • Be a good neighbour and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Pests don’t respect property boundaries, or Shire boundaries, so we must all work together.


Our Role_Your Role

Our History

A call to action to develop a strategic plan to deal directly with declared pest management in the region prompted a public meeting at the Bridgetown Lesser Hall on 12th May, 2014, well attended by landholders, community, local government, business, industry, environmental and agricultural groups and Government Agencies.

With seeding funds from DAFWA, Blackwood Environment Society, Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes and Talison Lithium, the Bridgetown-Greenbushes Biosecurity Group was formed, incorporated and established with good governance structures.


At its first annual general meeting in 2015 it changed its name to Blackwood Biosecurity Inc and updated its Constitution to enable it to operate further afield, responding to landholder requests throughout the whole of the Blackwood Valley Catchment. 

Our History
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