BBI welcomes you to become a member!
 Are you passionate about biosecurity and protecting our region from pests, both plant and animal?  

We welcome community members to become a member of the Blackwood Biosecurity Inc.




If you wish to maintain or commence membership you must complete 2021-2022 Membership Form - BBI Rules of Association require members to apply for and be recorded on a membership register. Anyone wishing to maintain or commence membership need to complete a new membership application form.

Landowners or nominees of landowners can become a member - Any landowner or nominee of a landowner of properties within our operational area are welcome to join as members of the BBI. 

Classes of Membership

1. Ordinary Member: 

“Ordinary member” means a nominated Landholder that has applied for ordinary membership under rule 5(2). An ordinary  member has only one vote when voting rights are required to be exercised. Ordinary membership is available to one nominated Landholder, or nominee of a landholder, per VEN in the Blackwood Biosecurity Inc (BBI) Area of Management.  Membership entitles one vote per VEN and maximum of one vote per member.

2. Associate Member: 

“Associate member” is not required to be a Landholder or nominee of a landholder with the Blackwood Biosecurity Inc (BBI) Area of Management.  An Associate member can provide suggestions and input regarding the BBIs operations and activities, however, has no voting rights. 

To apply for membership, please complete and submit our Membership Application Form found at the link below: 


Please click on link provided below to access our Membership Form: