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HOGGONE® Feral Pig Control System trials commencing from June 2022
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Feral Pig Control _ HOGGONE System Trials - Expressions of Interest
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HOGGONE®: landowners/managers to take part in free HOGGONE® Trial

Feral pigs cause serious agricultural and environmental damage and are a declared pest in our region. To reduce the feral pig population Blackwood Biosecurity Inc. (BBI) has commenced field trials of the HOGGONE® Feral Pig Control System.

As a participant you will be supported with all the equipment and baits required and our Projects Officer, James Moyes, is available to assist with set up and usage instructions.  “It can be an effective control measure if used correctly”, said James, “in NSW the system had a success rate of 70-90% in field studies”.

To assist the trial, we ask that you to record the numbers of baits used and pigs killed over the two-week period and record any interesting pig behaviour patterns. This will help us compile data for future HOGGONE® programs. We also invite any feedback from participants and the community about the trial. Working together we hope to collect comprehensive information on the effectiveness of the HOGGONE® System.

If you are interested in being a part of the HOGGONE® Control Trial, please contact the BBI office on 0455 522 750 or send an email to Alternatively, you can register your interest on the website form available at: