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Current Projects and Programmes
RHDV1 K5 rabbit control programme 2023

The K5 rabbit control programme for January 2023 starts in December with pre-feed Information Sessions in Bridgetown, Balingup, Boyup Brook and Darkan. Participants who have registered, and are able to commit to the pre-feed will be supported with the BBI Operations...

Rabbits K5.jpg
HOGGONE®: landowners/managers to take part in free HOGGONE® trial

Feral pigs cause serious agricultural and environmental damage and are a declared pest in our region. To reduce the feral pig population Blackwood Biosecurity Inc. (BBI) has commenced field trials of the HOGGONE® Feral Pig Control System. As a participant you will be supported with...

Screenshot feral pigs - cut thumbnail.jpg
Annual weed management programme

Declared weeds are managed on a year round schedule that takes into account germination, flowering, fruiting and seed set. The weed management strategy can vary depending on the stage of growth of the plant, and one weed may be targeted several times a year accordingly...

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