Animal Pests


In response to Community request, Blackwood Biosecurity has prioritised four vertebrate pests for special focus, namely European Red Fox, Feral Pigs, Feral Cats and European Rabbits. They are all Declared Pests.

We know that feral animal control isn’t easy. We worry about handling baits. We worry about our dogs. We don’t always have success with trapping. We don’t always see these ferals and can’t measure the damage they are doing. But they are there, and they do pose an enormous threat to the environment, to wildlife, to agriculture, to our pets and domestic animals and to our way of life.

Feral animals need to be controlled humanely at all times and Blackwood Biosecurity can help.


Declared Pest control can only be successful in a strategic co-ordinated approach across the whole of the landscape. Everyone needs to be involved and everyone needs to be resourced and supported.