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Annual General Meeting - Community Members are Invited

Blackwood Biosecurity Inc (BBI) - Annual General Meeting

The Cidery - 43 Gifford Road, Bridgetown RSVP is requested by 26 August clicking on the following link: YES, I will attend

or contact us by e-mail or phone.

Community members are invited to attend our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Renew or commence your BBI membership now!

Voting Members -

  • "Ordinary" Membership is required to vote when applicable issues are raised - please see membership form for details of membership

  • If you wish to maintain or commence membership you must complete a 2021-2022 Membership Form; this is a requirement for voting in our upcoming AGM.

  • Membership applications must be received by COB 2 August to be eligible for voting at our upcoming 2 September AGM.

  • Please see below for related membership details

BBI and Community Members - Working Together for Effective Collective Community Control of Community Pests Blackwood Biosecurity Inc’s role is to support landowners and land managers in the protection of our region’s diverse land uses and natural values against the significant impacts of pests through cooperation and collaboration. We work with community members across our operational area to support and encourage consistent, integrated and cooperative management of priority pests – as determined by community – at a landscape scale across tenure.

Declared Pest control can only be successful in a strategic coordinated approach across the whole of the landscape. Everyone needs to be involved and everyone needs to be supported. BECOME A MEMBER BBI encourages YOU to become a member - Are you passionate about biosecurity and protecting our region from pests, both plant and animal?

If you have a passion for biosecurity and protecting our lands from the significant impact of invasive pests, we encourage you to become a member. Landowners or nominees of landowners can become a member - Any landowner or nominee of a landowner of rated properties within our operational area are welcome to join as members of the BBI. If you wish to maintain or commence membership you must complete 2021-2022 Membership Form - BBI Rules of Association require members to apply for and be recorded on a membership register. Anyone wishing to maintain or commence membership needs to complete a new membership application form found at the link below. To find out more, please click on the below link for to view our membership form. BBI Membership Details & Application Form Management Committee Nominees Invited If your passion is around governance and you have time to spare as a volunteer to support our services, perhaps you would be a great fit on a very dedicated committee to be involved in our work in support and collaboration with other community members toward protection of our region from declared pests, both plant and animal. We welcome your nomination. You must be or become a BBI member to be eligible for nomination. To find out more about our management committee and to access our nomination form, please click on the following link: Management Committee Information and Nomination Form


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