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Rodenator for rabbit warren implosion.

Biological controls need to be supported with complimentary methods such as poisoning, shooting, and habitat removal.

Warren ripping is one method and in difficult sites such as rocky areas, bushland and small properties, so is the Rodenator.

How Does It Work?

We start with a smoker unit to identify the extent of a warren so that all openings can be closed.

Eric Wheatley preparing the Smoker Machine. Photo S. Howat

The portable Rodenator R 3 Unit is then used to deliver a concussive force through the warren, through detonation of oxygen and LPG.

Warren destruction can provide a long-term benefit, especially if supported by removal of above-ground harbour such as rock and rubbish piles, windrows etc.

Graham Banks preparing to implode a warren at Balingup.Photo S. Howat


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