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About us

Blackwood Biosecurity Inc. (BBI) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation managed by an elected Committee of members who voluntarily give of their time and expertise. Blackwood Biosecurity is the Recognised Biosecurity Group (RBG) established by the Minister for Agriculture to take a lead role in the management of declared plant and animal pests in Western Australia’s Blackwood Valley region, under Section 169 of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (BAM) Act 2007.  BBI works with landholders and managers in a shared responsibility approach with the management of declared pests. 

Blackwood Biosecurity Inc. is the RBG for the Shires of Boyup Brook, Bridgetown-Greenbushes, West Arthur and the localities of Mullalyup, Grimwade, Wilga West, Balingup and Southampton in the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup.

Our Team

We have four staff who manage and deliver the day to day activities of BBI.

Trish McCourt, Executive Officer

Jason Dearle, Operations Manager

Max Cornish, Customer Service Officer

James Moyes,  Operations Officer

The Committee and staff are a dedicated and experienced team, with a broad knowledge of biosecurity issues affecting the environment, industry, agriculture and lifestyle across our region. We work along side stakeholders from local government, business and industry, other RBGs, landcare groups, DPIRD, the community and other Government Agencies.  

Why it matters

Declared pests can have devastating impacts on agriculture, the natural environment, endangered species and human health and safety. Pests don't stop at fences or town boundaries. Success relies on well-timed cooperative controls over the whole landscape. 

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