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EUROPEAN WASP (Vespula germanica)


European wasps are declared pests in Western Australia and must be reported and eradicated when found.

But don’t attempt eradication yourself.


Labelled the worst wasps in the world, these are an aggressive stinging insect and if a nest is disturbed they can release a chemical to trigger the colony to attack.

Call the Pest and Disease Information Service (PADIS) 08 9368 3080

The Department of Industry, Primary Productions and Regional Development (DPIRD) has destroyed 1030 nests in the 40 years since they were found in the state.

Hear how Western Australia is the only country in the world to restrict the spread of this pest for such a long time by clicking on the radio interview.

Source: J. Dearle (DPIRD)


Most European Wasp Nests are built underground and all you see is the hole in the ground with lots of wasps flying in and out. Do not approach or disturb the nest.

Call PADIS 08 9368 3080






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